Treatment Options in Australia for Low Testosterone

The treatment of low testosterone is quite direct, and it is abundant in many forms. Testosterone replacement therapy in Australia is no different from other treatment options around the world. Visit the nearest testosterone clinic in your area and consult a medical professional to find out which testosterone replacement therapy option is best for you.

The treatment can boost the testosterone levels of the body back to its normal range, reducing or eliminating the symptoms of low testosterone. It is definitely safe, which is backed by research and studies. Treatment options offer a convenient schedule of dosage and a comfortable method of administration.  These treatment options are also a reasonable cost. The length of treatment depends on your personal condition. Some could last for several weeks or months before changes are evident.


Treatments Available in Australia

You’ll find different formulations of testosterone available in Australia for treating low testosterone, including injections, gels, patches, implants, and oral capsules or pills. Talk to your doctor which formulation is best suitable for you.

Depot Injections

The doctor usually administers testosterone injections, and it is typically injected in the buttocks every 1 to 4 weeks. What’s great about the testosterone injections is that testosterone is directly absorbed by the body and into the bloodstream. Side effects include local pain on injected area and you can have mood swings.


The implant therapy involves injecting testosterone every three months following an initial loading dose, which would stabilize the levels of testosterone in the body. This option is better than the usual injections because it is only required twice a year. As the pellets are slowly absorbed in the body, the level of testosterone can remain stable for up to six months. You may experience localized pain in the area where the pellets are inserted.


Testosterone gels are clear and are topical in nature. You simply rub it onto the shoulders, chest or back once a day. It can dry within a few minutes. The release of testosterone is stead as it is absorbed from the skin into the bloodstream over 24 hours, ensuring stable testosterone level throughout the day. It is one the most convenient treatment option and it can normalize the levels of testosterone quickly. No need for operation or surgery and skin irritation is less likely. However, possible transfer of the gel can be dangerous especially to children.


Testosterone patches can be applied to various areas of the skin, but not on the hairy parts. Similar to gels, it is efficient and absorption of testosterone is steady over 24 hours. On the downside, it can be inconvenient to apply and it can be dislodge. There is also a high chance of getting a skin irritation with the patches.

Oral Therapy

Testosterone oral therapy comes in the form of pills or capsules. This treatment option is not recommended for long-term therapy, as it may affect the liver. Yes, it can be very convenient, but it should be taken with a fat-containing meal.

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