What Happens After having A Lap Band Surgery?

If you are considering to have a lap band surgery, then you might be interested to know what will it be like after the said surgery. In most cases, knowing this information, to begin with will greatly help as you make the decision of whether or not to go with the surgery for weight loss.

After having the surgery, here are some of the most common recommendations that a lap band doctor or bariatric surgeon will suggest to the patient.

Food Limitations

After having a lap band surgery, the patient is recommended to eat just 4 ounces of food at a time. If you are still feeling full after thirty minutes, an adjustment to the lap band might be needed. It is important to know, however, that leftovers should not be consumed as they are often difficult to swallow. Reheating leftovers could dry them out so they could get stuck easier. Also, do not eat well-done steaks or any kind of doughy bread.

If you have not lost any weight in a month, you might be eating too much food. If this is the case, an adjustment may be required. The esophagus does not come alive until noon time. If you cannot handle a solid breakfast, you should fix a healthy all fruit smoothie. This can be made by combining some bananas and fresh and frozen fruits.


Band Adjustment

Adjusting the band will depend on how you will feel at night. If you are starving during nighttime, the lap band can be adjusted. In case you are vomiting a lot, you have to decide whether you are eating fast, eating a lot, not waiting between bites or not chewing the food well.

It is important to keep in mind not to eat if you are anxious or upset. Stress in the esophagus can make swallowing difficult. Now, if you are not able to eat some specific food after trying, you might still not be able to eat the next day.


Avoid Microwaved Food

Microwaved foods can be rubbery and hard to swallow. Such type of food is missing a lot of nutrients. It is a must to understand that it will not be possible to eat as you used to if had the surgery. It is also important to exercise.


Interest and Hobby

This would seem unusual but highly recommended that gastric banding or lap band patients would take up a new hobby or interest. This hobby should not be related to food. This would help them focus on other things aside from food. Physically related hobbies are best like playing tennis, power walking, dancing, hiking, yoga, basketball, golf, etc. Anything that can keep the body up and moving can help.

So, before you consider decide to have the surgery you also need to think of the things that will happen and you have to sacrifice after it because for sure, there will be some changes that will take place.


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