What to Expect After a Gastric Sleeve Surgery

With the kind of lifestyle that we have today, getting fat has become a problem. A lot of people are gaining some extra weight because of the kinds of food, life fast food that are very common anywhere. Aside from this, a lot of jobs lead to a sedentary lifestyle. To remedy this problem, people exercise or try to diet. But if after trying various ways to shed off the extra weight and no positive results are achieved, they resort to weight loss procedures like a gastric sleeve surgery.

About the Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is a kind of bariatric procedure that introduces patients to a great change in their life. The patients need to be under a liquid diet for the first few days after having the surgery. This requires an immediate change in the person’s nutrition in order to make the most out of the surgery.

Weight loss starts with a liquid diet during the first pos-operative day. This continues at a dramatic rate as the diet is followed by a transition to a soft food diet that is needed to help the stomach accommodate the food. In order to secure a positive result of the operation, an ideal rate of weight loss and complication-free recovery, it is suggested by surgeons that the process of consuming solid food again should be gradual and smooth.

First-Operative Months

Only small amounts of food should be a consumer. During a gastric sleeve surgery, the stomach is reduced to a pouch-like size. In this case, patients immediately feel full than they used to. The patient should only eat the amount of food that is suggested by the dietician and surgeon. Also, it is not allowed to drink water together with the meal.

Healthy Lifestyle

No weight loss procedure will be able to produce a long term and sustained weight loss results if the patient fails to follow a healthy lifestyle. The surgeon will provide a detailed explanation of why such changes are important in the success of the surgery. Also, you may look for some support groups in your area and be a part of it so you can benefit from the motivational and emotional support that people who have been through the same situation can offer.


This is very important to make the body stronger and more toned. Exercise should be implemented in everyday life. Regular exercise can help boost the immune system and increase the ability of the body to fight and resist diseases. Also, don’t fail to do regular physical activities to burn fat and calories.

Commitment and Determination

You cannot expect the surgery to change who you, but it can change a wide range of options that you have in your life. It is important that you have the willpower that will be needed to face challenges that you may experience during your weight loss journey. Your mind and body will be very thankful for a better and healthier life.

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